KODOU  Pulse

中村実緒 / 東京工芸大学芸術学部卒業制作

言葉にできない、感情を、2人のダンサーによって、表現する。 幼少からダンスを学んでおり、ダンスについての映像を制作してみたいと思った。

With the pulse of my heart, feelings are remembered.
This film shows two dancers convey feelings that cannot be expressed in words.
I have been learning to dance since my childhood, and I wanted to produce a film about dancing.
By arranging a dance with two dancers,
this film expressed a sense of energy of life and the strong feelings that exist at the back of people's minds.
By decorating the whole stage boldly, I expressed the memories contained inside a pulse.
Dance is my words and the only method to convey my true feelings.

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