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眠れない夜の月   Moon of a Sleepless Night



One day, a boy and his family living in the woods have a visitor, a squirrel from the moon.
It says it needs to free the moon which has got stuck on a high tree. Otherwise, the night will last forever.
The boy decides to go on adventures with the squirrel to search and free the moon to restore daylight.
“Moon of a sleepless night”, a stop-motion animation, is carefully photographed frame by frame in sets using real wood.
This is a wonderful fantasy animated film for all age groups. "

4K徳島映画祭2015in神山 優秀賞 映文連アワード2016 文部科学大臣賞
ショートショート フィルムフェスティバル & アジア2016ジャパン部門 優秀賞(東京都知事賞)
Austin Film Festival ANIMATED SHORT(米)オーディエンスアワード
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (米)公式上映
Ellensburg Film Festival (米)公式上映
Foyle Film Festival (米)公式上映
Toronto International Short Film Festival (カナダ)公式上映
Edinburgh Short Film Festival (スコットランド)招待上映
Camera Japan(蘭)招待上映
Lancaster International Short Film Festival (米)招待上映
Guam International Film Festival (米)招待上映

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