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北京の食文化 PARTⅡ  The Food Culture of Beijing: part Ⅱ

2017年 1月、DVD
一般社団法人 中日文化研究所


The food culture in Beijing, China has striking features.
To begin with, the food culture is different depending on social classes in Beijing.
The common people usually ate Xiaochi, food made of wheat flour, such as mantou etc.
On the other hand, magnificent court cuisine existed in the Forbidden City where the Emperor lives.
And emperors are not only the Han race but also Mongolian in the Yuan dynasty,
Manchurians in the Qing dynasty, each food culture, which each dynasty and race had rooted in Beijing as a result.
Additionally, the food culture from Islam was spread through Hui people.
Mutton shabu-shabu was a eating habit for islamic people, who don't eat pork.
Finally dishes to represent the areas all over China where the emperor reigns are gathered in Beijing,
the capital of China. Like this, various elements influence each other and merge into one.
This is the food culture of Beijing. (While various elements influence each other, the food culture of Beijing has melted into one.)

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