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中野 昭慶 特技監督

1955年、日本大学芸術学部 映画学科脚本コースに入学。


Teruyoshi Nakano
Japanese Special Effects Director

Born in 1935 in Andong, Manchukuo.
In 1955, he entered the Script Course in the Art Department at the College of Cinema, Nihon University.
In 1959, he entered the Toho Kinuta Film Studio, there he met Eiji Tsuburaya,
and he was involved in various films with special effects.
In 1969, he made his debut as a director with special effects in ‘The Crazy’s Mighty Blast’,
which is a movie starring The Crazy Cats.
Since the 1970s, he made great efforts as the Special Effects Director in films with Special Effects.
He directed ‘The Godzilla films series’ and disaster films like ‘Nippon chinbotsu’,
war films like ‘Combined Fleet’ and ‘The Great Empire of Japan’, and fantasy films such as ‘Hi no tori’.
In 1981, he became a freelance special effects director and directed a war trilogy with Toei Company.
He had twenty-five films that he was involved in as the special effect director such as ‘Ningen kakumei’(1973)、
’203 kochi’(1980)、’Combined Fleet’ (1981)、’Godzilla’(1984)、’Princess from the Moon’(1987),
and also he was concerned with 58 films during his time as an assistant director.
Furthermore he took charge of TV drama ‘Zone Fighter’(1973)、’Journey to the West; Monkey’(1978)

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